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Selected Translated Works and Positions Held

Eileen Gray

Nina Stritzler Levine and Cloé Pitiot, eds., Yale University Press. 

Introduction and multiple chapters in the book accompanying the Bard Graduate Center's exhibition on the groundbreaking Irish architect and designer.                             Read more.


French Fashion, Women & the First World War

Sophie Kurkhjian and Maude Bass-Krueger, eds., Yale University Press.


Chapters and primary documents for this book accompanying the Bard Graduate Center exhibition, as well as wall text for the exhibition. Read more.

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Les Emmerdeurs

Screenplays for "Les Emmerdeurs" a comedy web series about French resistance fighters, as well as other screenplays and outlines for Studio Bagel Productions and GM6. Watch series.

Emmerdeurs poster.jpg


Novel by Jean Louis Uzan. After the murder of an actress on his Miami film set, a young director is left scrambling to connect the dots between a mysterious tattoo artist, ecological activism in the Everglades, and the family of none other than Fidel Castro... Read more.

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Fashion, Society, and the First World War

Hayley Dujardin, Maude Bass-Krueger, & Sophie Kurkdjian, eds., Bloomsbury. 

Five academic articles in this forthcoming collection on subjects ranging from the Bicêtre flea market in Paris, the largest in the world, to French women's factory uniforms, to Belgian lace workers. Read more.


Culture[s] de Mode

Press kit for the French Network for Fashion Research. Read More



Internal translations for Studio Bagel Production for the web series "Groom." Watch series.


TV Only International

Internal translations, interpreting for American TV and film crews in Paris, and production work for French production company TV International. Included internal translations, producing, and overseeing editing for an advertisement for Google AdWords and Croisieres de France. Position held Spring/Summer 2014. Watch video.


Cinémathèque de la Danse

Internal translations and video subtitling for works such as the documentaries of Jean Rouche. Position held Spring/Summer 2011.


Fashion in Times of Scarcity (1944-1951)

Interview with Jane Aubail in Modes Pratiques, 2018. Read More.

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